Updated profile of Harmony: The Centenary Youth Village



To provide youth health and development programmes so that the youth of Bhutan are physically fit and mentally prepared with moral values and skills necessary to become productive and responsible citizens.





Harmony: The Centenary Youth Village currently located above the Swimming Pool Sports Complex, Doebum Lam, was first established at Motithang Hotel in 1997 as Youth Centre. With its main objectives to address the emerging issues of youths in transition from traditional society to the fast changing modern Bhutan, the Centre was created under the umbrella of the then YGCCS (Youth Guidance and Career Counseling Section)  of Education Division.


Following the decision of the Royal Government, the Centre was shifted to the Swimming Pool area in October 2004 where youths could easily avail the services. It was then shifted to the present location in August 2008. Today as a separate unit under the Dept. of Youth and Sports, the Centre serves a considerable size of youth population throughout the year. With monthly basic computer course, library services, printing and photocopying facilities, a few indoor and outdoor games, a helpline, a television set, a swimming pool and an internet cafe, the Centre is now increasingly becoming an important source of recreation, information and education for the visiting youths. Apart from the regular services, the Centre also conducts youth programmes from time to time such as workshops and forums on current issues. For instance, two workshops on voters’ education in 2007 and another workshop on health education and employment opportunities in 2008 were conducted which included mainly the out-of-school youths who were left out from any such programme.


Not being able to cater to the needs of the youths residing in the far-flung areas of Thimphu municipality, Changjiji and Dechencholing Youth Centres were simultaneously set up in 2007 prioritizing the concentration of youth population in the areas. With library facilities, a few indoor games, a television set and a DVD player for the productive engagement of the visiting youths, the two local youth centres function in a similar way under the direct supervision of the Dept. of Youth and Sports, which continues to provide them with administrative and technical support.


In order to reach out for youths residing outside the capital city, Dept. of Youth and Sports has also contributed to the establishment of Phuntsholing Youth Centre and Gelephu Youth Centre to engage the youths of the regions in a more productive way. Furnished with similar facilities, Gelephu Youth Centre is being currently managed by the recently appointed In-charge while Phuntsholing Youth Centre is being looked after by an In-charge under the direct supervision of the principal of Phuntsholing Lower Secondary School.


 In general, one of the main common objectives of the establishment of such Centres in the country is however to save Bhutanese youths from unhealthy practices by engaging them more productively through recreational and educational programmes. Therefore, these Centres are expected to play a dynamic role in shaping the lives of Bhutanese youths living in the highly vulnerable society as the nation takes up developmental pace with rest of the world at breakneck speed.


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