Weekend Youth Programmes (July – September 2011)

Welcome aboard! The Youth Center Division, Dept. of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education in Thimphu has come up with yet another list of exciting activities for youth during weekends due to be effective from 15th July. As usual, there will be tutorial classes in Dzongkha, English and Mathematics. Please
Click here to check out the details.

Click here to view the time-table for tutorial classes

For registration, please visit the Center during office hours or call Mr. Amrith Bdr. Subba at 328098 or 77235452.


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  1. alecolmenero
    May 18, 2012 @ 00:12:28


    My name is Alejandra Colmenero, I am from Mexico. I studied International trade and I have a double degree in Business administration; although I like what I do, for next year I’m planning to do a master which could help me to complement my professional life with a social contribution in a tangible form. I will do it because, since always I have found for myself the best satisfaction in helping people, I believe in a connection that led us by the hand, and this one make me feel that we are all one.

    That is why I am looking forward to be part of an experience, where I can help and contribute in raise awareness and welfare, I will feel very honoured if I can participate in some of your programs where you need help, I like to work with children and I would love to learn about your culture!

    I am looking forward to hearing from you,
    Kind regards

    Ale Colmenero


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