Email address for counseling and information services

Dear friends,


This is to let you know that Harmony Youth Centre has now created an email address for you to share your problems directly with the counselor and get necessary help. So if you have any problem which you want to discuss with the counselor or get any information, please write to the following email address:


The counselor will be always there to help you.


Best of luck!


documents for download

If clicking directly on the given link does not work, please do “right click or press the Application Button” and click on “Save target as” menu item to download the file.


1. Education newsletter:


Please click here to download or view the file


2. Words of life: It’s a bit fun but you can certainly discover some values within it.


Download or view the file


3. Education calendar:


Click here to download or view the Education Calendar 2009


4. “Prayers For Ever”

 To download or view the collection of poems contributed by Bhutanese students,
Please click here


5. Youth Digest (A bi-annual youth magazine from Dept. of Youth and Sports, , Ministry of Education)


Click here to download or view the magazine

List of important telephone numbers to be contacted in case of emergency

Most important note:

When you call any of the following numbers for emergency help, please always be the last person to hang up the phone. Let the person on the other side get all the details of your location and situation so that you can be attended straight on time. Read more